Our mission is real ice cream for all (lactose free or not!)

May 30, 2017
noun  mis·sion \ˈmi-shən\

a specific task with which a person or a group is charged

Every business starts with a mission - the driving force that is the catalyst, inspiration and motivation for companies, products, or services.  And this mission usually starts with someone noticing a need or a problem.  Minus the Moo's mission started with Katy and ice cream.  

Katy has always loved ice cream and growing up it was a huge part of her life.  But in high school, the thing she loved so much stopped loving her back and sharing ice cream with others isn't fun when it makes you sick.  Katy tried other options on the market, but no friends or family wanted to share a "frozen dessert" that tasted less-than or a lactose-free ice cream that sounded like medicine.   Ice cream is supposed to be fun - a simple joy of life that brings people together - and Katy's experience with ice cream was always a letdown.

After many failed study breaks and struggling to enjoy ice cream together throughout college, we decided that we wanted a premium ice cream that tasted the same as any other ice cream so that we could enjoy it together.  That is why the mission of Minus the Moo is to bring the joy of real ice cream back to those who previously could not truly enjoy the experience or simply put...REAL ICE CREAM FOR ALL!  Now those who are lactose intolerant can share with those who are not without anyone having to compromise! 


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