Thanksgiving Tips for Hosting Guests with Lactose Intolerance

Nov 09, 2017


So, you’re hosting thanksgiving for the first time and you’re totally pumped.  "This is going to be the best thanksgiving menu ever," you think as you plan out all your favorite dishes.  The list includes classics like Turkey, stuffing, mac & Cheese, Mashed potatoes, and apple pie with vanilla ice cream, But then you remember that your mother-in-law is lactose intolerant.  Oh no! there goes all your grand plans...  

Well, fear not!  Use these simple tips to make your Thanksgiving classics lactose intolerant friendly:


Mashed potatoes


Mac & Cheese

  • Use aged cheddar cheese, like cabot, which is naturally lactose free. Find our recipe here.


Apple pie a la mode

  • Top your apple pie with lactose free ice cream like minus the moo.


You can order any of our ice cream flavors straight to your door! 


Order by November 17th to get in time for thanksgiving!

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